About Mona

    Arabic, being her native tongue and first language, she undertook all her basic and higher education, including her graduate degree in Arabic from the Islamic Institute for Higher Education in Cairo, Egypt.

    She is a three-time recipient of the Quran recitation certification “Ijaza” from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Mastering Quranic Arabic has given her an edge over native speakers in Arabic writing, grammar, articulation of words and syntactic rules.

    She has been a certified teacher for many years, and then became a certified instructor by the Bridges Foundation in Egypt and part of her graduate program was to receive training on techniques to engage different types of audience. She taught Arabic and Islamic Studies to adults in different capacities in Egypt and the US, the last of which was at the Continued Education Program at Duke University.

    During her work as an Elementary School Principal at Al-Huda Academy in Durham, she designed and developed the Arabic Curriculum and reading scheme for the whole school and monitored the implementation of the program. She has given a number of in-service training sessions to both Arabic and English Language Arts teachers in classroom management and teaching strategies. The Arabic immersion program at Al-Huda Academy was recognized and has a strong reputation; where Kindergarten students read sentence books by Quarter 3 and were able to write a full sentence by the end of the year.

    She also acted as a Consultant of Educational Content for a publisher in Egypt to create and develop Elementary Level Arabic textbooks and reading books for non-native Arabic speakers.


    Given her experience and background, she customizes school curricula and offers a variety of workshops where teachers engage in active learning and are provided the tools to overcome the challenges of teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language in the US.


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