Taalam Arabic programs provide Sunday school students with the essential skills needed to prepare them to communicate confidently and read successfully. The learning goals and standards of the Arabic curriculum are mostly based on the American Council for Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL) standards, and are customized to a 26 weeks schedule to meet the needs of a typical Sunday school calendar. 

Islamic Studies: 

Kids will discover the teachings of Islam through memorable ways, retaining up to 90 percent of what they’re taught! Taalm Curriculum enriches practicing young Muslims to love Allah and understand the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in 26 lessons for each level. Kids come back week after week because every lesson plan is fun and packed with active learning.


Taalm Quran Curriculum uses Mind Maps to help students memorize and comprehend surahs Chapters) of the Quran as they hold it in a format that your mind finds easy to recall and quick to review.


Taalm provides a well-paced curriculum that associates Tajweed rules with fun ideas and amusing characters that engage students while understanding and practically applying these rules on set.  

Nuranyya Rule Pacing Guide:

Nuraniya Rule is a practical well researched method for teaching Quran spelling using the proper pronunciation and accent of the Arabic letters from their points of articulation and getting students familiarized to the format of Quranic writing. Taalm provides teachers with a structured pacing guide so that students would be ready to read the Quran independently by the age of seven. 


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