Teacher Training Workshops:

    TAALM offers a variety of training and development workshops for Arabic Elementary Teachers that are vital to improving student outcomes as they are actively engaged in the learning process. Professional Development Workshops include strategies to: create opportunities for interactive teaching in the Arabic classroom, incorporate all modes of communication to engage students, create a students centered Arabic classroom, and meet ACTFL standards in developing students’ oral proficiency.

    Workshops can be customized to meet your needs and new workshops are continually being developed to support specific professional goals. TAALM creates professional development experiences that are inspirational for individuals, small groups and large audiences.  

Professional Development Workshops Topics:

For Arabic Teachers:

  • Engaging learners in the Arabic Classroom using a variety of teaching techniques
  • How to implement a “Reading Workshop” in the classroom (Structure and Tactics)
  • How to implement a “Writing Workshop” in the classroom (Structure and Tactics)
  • Effective lesson plans, rubrics, formative and summative assessment
  • Effective Parent-Teacher communication
  • Developing and reinforcing Personal and Interpersonal Communication skills
  • Interactive Modelling in the Arabic Classroom

For Islamic Schools Teachers: 

  • Integration of the Islamic way of life in an Islamic school (Character Education)
  • Project Based Learning (Integration of Islamic teachings in core subjects)
  • Interactive Modelling in the Islamic Studies Classroom

For more information about workshops at your school, homeschool or Center, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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